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Bad weather. Access to WiFi. Postings.

Doctor visit, rest days, and fun with the macro lens.

Heading out from Harpers Ferry

The walk to Harper’s Ferry. Good luck and bad.

Beginning the Summer Hike Vlog.

Forgotten Grams - the things I've found hikers most often forget to include in gear lists.

What looks better? Wide Angle vs. Normal Lens? Vlog Update and Trip Planning Before Leaving for the AT.

Packing an ultralight frameless pack. A look at what goes inside and how to keep comfortable on longer days.

Hiker shoe hack. My favorite easy mod for any trail running sneaker.

Worn clothing included in my 2018 summer gear list. The stuff that I don't count in my base pack weight.

I think the common hiker's "First Aid Kit" is worthless. Here's why I don't typically carry one.

[IG Bookmark] The Beginning of the AT. May 28, 2016 (fresh off the couch).

The coolest package I've ever opened from the mailbox.

[IG Bookmark Post] Northbound from Hotsprings, NC with LOTS of snow. March 4, 2017.

[IG Bookmark Post] Northbound from Unionville with 2stix - NY/NJ State Line August 26th

[IG Bookmark Post] Northbound from Pearisburg in June 2017 - Link to Instagram feed and lots of little updates and nice pictures along the way

Sleep on a cloud - My hammock camping setup for Virginia in 2017

Songbird's 2018 Ultimate Lightweight Hiking Gear Wish-List (Incredibly light equipment options)