Worn clothing included in my 2018 summer gear list. The stuff that I don't count in my base pack weight.

"Worn Weight"

There is some debate among individuals on the subject what constitutes "worn weight". I have always used this category to encompass both everyday clothing and trekking poles. Additional clothing layers like fleece jackets, long johns, and beanie hat's that can't be worn at all times are not counted in the worn weight category. 

Some will try to stretch the worn weight category to cell phones, cameras, and extra clothing arbitrarily making gear lists appear to be lower in weight than they actually are.

If you want to account for the weight of items that are not typically included in the base pack weight, the "From Skin Out" (FSO) weight of a hiking kit is the most inclusive of weight measurements. FSO weights include absolutely everything you have with you. On my equipment list you'll be able to see my FSO weight by checking out the "Total Weight" measurement at the top of the page.

How do you measure base weight? Do you have an argument for including things like a baseball cap, trekking poles, wrist watches, and the like in the base pack weight category instead of in the worn weight category?