Dreams come true in slow motion.

Me on Mt. Katahdin when, to be honest, I first realized
how unhappy I'd been for so long. I definitely cried.. For a while.
Hi. I'm Curt, hiker trail name "SongBird".

I spent the last two and a half years hiking the Appalachian Trail in sections, coming home to spend time with family and dodge the coldest, nastiest winter weather. After over 2,000 miles of hiking, and around 10 months spent primarily hiking and sleeping in the woods, I finished in August, 2018. My life has changed a little in the meantime!

Hiking the Appalachian Trail taught me what I really need, what motivates me, and gave me the confidence to pursue a different kind of life.

On the 1 year anniversary of this Blog, I reaffirm my commitment to choosing happiness for myself. 

Like the trail, life is a sandbox, and I've decided to play my way:

-I'm making more videos, spending more time outdoors, and being more active in my daily life.
-I've written and published a hiking equipment and backpacking guide and worked to promote the book myself.
-I'm getting married soon to my partner of over 5 years, and we are saving for and hunting down a live-aboard boat.
-I'm studying for the Bar Exam in Tennessee, taking the next steps in my professional career.

Two thumbs up for sticking to it!
(not what this pic was for originally lol)
The last few years have been incredible for my health and well-being, but I think these next few will be especially worth remembering. In this blog I aim to capture my ideas, feelings, and motivations. This will preserve a personal record for myself, and for those that are interested in some of the same things hopefully some of what's posted here or on one of my two youtube channels will be helpful to you.

Thank you so much for your continued support of my content.
Have a great day.


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