Bivy sacks. Champion ultralight shelter options.

Camp anywhere you can lay down!

Since switching to a poncho tarp and bivy sack my backpacking kit has gotten progressively lighter. My new bivy sack comes in at a lovely 5.25 ounces and I'm really excited to get to have it with me on trail this summer.

Especially if you are looking for a more affordable way to hike and camp ultralight a bivy sack may be for you. It's really cool to be able to lay down and have a shelter pretty much anywhere you can fit.

My poncho tarp and bivy combination is the only reason I was able to sleep comfortably on this windy and exposed cliff area above the Bear Mountain Bridge above the Hudson in New York.

Though I can camp out in an open space like everyone else, it's really fun to find creative ways to set everything up for the night.

What's your lightweight shelter secret? Do you have any tips for having a more flexible shelter setup on trail?

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Have a great day.