[IG Bookmark Post] Northbound from Unionville with 2stix - NY/NJ State Line August 26th

Hey readers. Another Simple post. These are just kind of bookmarks to make it easy to jump to the beginnings of different seasons and sections of the AT.

After getting off trail for my cousin's wedding in NY, I rode to Georgia with my family to be there for my fiancee's White Robe ceremony in nursing school. I ended up being off trail for a month or so total, and when I went to get back on, my friends were way north of me.

So it makes it a little complicated for me to go back and finish the missing sections starting this summer (May 16th), but I got to skip ahead and hike with a really good friend of mine again. The northeast is beautiful, the public transportation is awesome, and I love that there are deli spots where you can eat almost every day on the trail.

I had a lot of fun on this section in the northeast and found the portion of the AT in  CT to be especially pretty and nice to walk.

So here's the start of NY to Massachusetts hike I started on August 27, 2017.