The coolest package I've ever opened from the mailbox.

It's real now! It so cool that it isn't just a word processor file or an ebook on a computer screen anymore. I can hold it in my hands.

Everything came out nice and clear, the text looks good, and I really like the matte finish on the cover. I'm very happy.

I was super self-conscious about the content of the book, but a close trail friend of mine named Bear-Bane really picked me up mentally a few months ago and reminded me that what seems simple and obvious to me now was this big wall of ignorance to me when I started hiking. He said that the book is for new hikers that are in the same position that I was, "not knowing what I didn't know" and that it would help people. 

Bear-Bane and I after completing our trek through the 100-Mile Wilderness 
Without Bear-Bane's encouragement I probably wouldn't have even published the eBook in the first place. Now that I've been able to track the success of the book through the Amazon marketplace I've seen that he was right, and I just want to say that I'm very grateful to him for his encouragement when I was a little down about the whole project.