[IG Bookmark] The Beginning of the AT. May 28, 2016 (fresh off the couch).

Day One

This Instagram Bookmark is fairly handy for getting back to the beginning of the feed. I've taken a lot of pictures since I started the trail, and it can be a pain to scroll through all of them to find something in particular. 

I had just graduated, gone to REI, and within 2 weeks hit the AT for the first time. My friends and girlfriend (fiancee now :) came out to hike the first few days with me. 

It was so hard starting out that I almost quit at Blood Mountain, but during my first hostel stay I met a couple of awesome people that were also looking for company. We complained to each other about how awful it was coming down the north side of the mountain in the rain, became fast friends, and took off on an incredible shared adventure.

So much love goes out to 'Bear-Bane' and 'Sexy Jesus' who will make innumerable appearances in the first couple of months worth of pictures from the trail. Ya'll were my first trail family and you will always be special.