Fishing a small creek in Atlanta - link to my first fishing video :)

Fishing is a really fun pastime that you can entertain yourself with throughout most of the year.

You don't need a lot of equipment. You don't need to spend a lot of money.

If you have a clean waterway to fish from, you can even catch you next meal. (Check online to find out of the place you fish is safe to eat fish from.)

When I'm home and the weather's nice fishing is my favorite way to get myself outside. Lately though I've taken to keeping my smallest fishing rod and tackle box in my car so that I always have something to fish with if the occasion presents itself.

If you are sitting at home and looking for something to do, the best way I've found to find somewhere to fish is to get on an internet mapping application like google maps. You can zoom in on your area and find little creeks and ponds that you didn't know existed. One of my favorite spots to fish near home is a kayak boat ramp in a shopping center parking lot that I would have never known existed if it weren't for looking at the map on my phone.

I caught my biggest fish since moving to Chattanooga at this spot and was blown away!

Just be sure to ask permission where it looks like your target water feature might be on private land. Usually people will say yes and be very glad that you asked. If it's sketchy, just find a different spot. It's not worth getting yelled at or worse just to grab a couple casts.

The video:
One afternoon in Atlanta I got stuck waiting for my fiancee to get out of a long school meeting. I looked around on my map and found a little park with a creek. I caught a lot of fish on my little fishing rod setup with light line and a small swim bait. Having my rod with me made for a good two hours of entertainment!

Sometimes the planes from the Atlanta airport block out the sound, but I had tons of fun showing the camera lots of fish. I even caught a bass in this teeny-tiny creek.