Finally, a getaway with the Fiancee.

Since I've been hiking the AT on and off for the last year and a half you wouldn't exactly call me adventure-starved.

My fiancee, though, is another story. This woman has been in nursing school for the last couple of years, pulling nursing night shifts for the last year, and is going BACK to school again to get her master's degree. Can you tell we operate on slightly different wavelengths?

After years of failed vacation plans, I've finally gotten her to go away and take a break somewhere. We have rented a camper in Savannah to stay in for four days, and we found a spot half way between the beach and the city. 

We got in last night to find our great little retro camper waiting for us. The yard was lit up with white Christmas lights that had been hung on the camper and mixed in among the old man's beard in the overhanging tree limbs. I'll have to do a separate post on the inside of the camper later: we are about to go cruise around and check out the town.

The yard has a little fire pit, and the canoe you see in the back is available for our use. There are also two kayaks behind me to the left of the camper that we can take out. (And they said I was silly for leaving the roof rack on my car.) 
I brought some of my fishing gear, which lives in the trunk of the car anyways, and will probably sneak out in the mornings to try my hand at the nearby saltwater creeks. I have an almost entirely freshwater setup, so we'll see how it goes. 

The rain put us to sleep early last night, and we haven't really slept in today as a consequence. I put the kettle on the little kitchen stove and boiled some water for coffee and instant oatmeal packets. It's awesome having a stove top and a refrigerator where we are staying. We don't have to eat out every time we get hungry. We also don't have to force down continental breakfasts every day in a hotel lobby. 

The last thing I tell you, before we run out the door to watch the cannon fire at Fort Jackson, is that there is an outdoor claw-footed bathtub behind the camper. We can fill it with piping hot water until it's overflowing and it doesn't matter! I'm definitely taking a bath tonight. 

 Alright, well we are going to go wander a little today and get our bearings. I really want to go see the huge Bonaventure Cemetery at some point. If it rains we will probably make a run over to this Railroad museum. 

If you know of anything we ABSOLUTELY have to do in Savannah, let us know pretty please in a comment! I know there are some awesome restaurants here to try.

I'm going to take loads of pictures today, hopefully I have enough of a charge on my big camera to get some nice shots.  Yes, I forgot to charge it until an hour ago. 

I hope you have a great day. I'll get back on later to show you the inside of the camper. It's small but it's really cool.