Inside the Savannah Camper rental - the Savannah getaway

The inside of the camper is clean and nicely decorated. We brought the red wool blanket on the bed in case there weren't any warm blankets when we got here. Otherwise, the camper's color scheme is a white ceiling and trim with sea-foam green walls and blue cabinets. A blue with gold trim vinyl couch runs the length of the right side. The bed has been permanently converted to a comfortable sleeping area, forgoing use of the convertible dinette.

The propane stove top works well. We have been heating water in the large kettle for our morning coffee and oatmeal. If I plan catch anything when I head out to fish the tidal creek later, I'll have to see about cookware. The sink water comes directly from a well that produces some tasty water.

There is plenty of storage space in the cabinets and under the bench along the wall. When everything is put away and tidied up the camper's small space feels more comfortable than my college dorm room.

My fiancee and I have been dreaming about living in a tiny house for probably three or four years now, and a chance to stay in a camper trailer for several days is an excellent step forward for us. Honestly, my comfort in this small space has me bemoaning a recent missed opportunity. My fiancee and I almost bought a 1974 Prowler camper trailer that was a third again as large as this one. It added a permanent bedroom with a door on one end and kept the rest of this trailer's setup. After being in this smaller trailer, the dedicated bedroom and a more permanent dinette seem like good ideas for long term comfort. That Prowler was in barn-kept, perfect condition and we should have bought it. It would have cost us $4,000. Hindsight being 20/20 and all, we will have to see about keeping our eyes open going forward. As nice as a larger camper trailer would be, I could definitely be happy in this exact setup.

It's funny to think just how nice a camper is in terms of what you really need. On the Appalachian Trail I spent months in a tent,  followed by several months in a hammock and under a tarp, then finally just under a tarp or in a public camping shelter.  A clean camper trailer like this is luxurious by comparison. It may sound stupid but sitting in this comfortable space, parked on the vinyl couch, I feel so damn lucky to feel the way I do right now. I feel so ... free of the pressures that seem to dominate the lives of so many and the toxicity of always wanting more.

Being alive and healthy is good. I am so grateful to be so lucky.

I'm going to put up some pictures from yesterday. We went to an old fortress that used to protect Savannah from Naval attack, drove through the HUGE Bonaventure Cemetery, and went down into the heart of historic Savannah for some seafood. It was cold, but we had fun. I hope you like the pictures in the next posts. I'm a little rusty with my big camera.