Documenting lifestyle changes and expressing ideas

My name is Curt. Coming home from the AT, life just seemed too complicated and overwhelming. Now, I'm trying to keep life simpler and choose happiness first.

This picture was taken at the summit of Mount Katahdin and is very personal. After years of effort, I'd finally completed my schooling and gotten to see this incredible place. I cried with an unexpected and powerful sense of relief.

I've hiked 1,700 miles of the Appalachian Trail to date with about 500 miles remaining. I plan on completing the AT this hiking season and will be posting here to log my progress and experiences.

Hiking on the AT for so many months broke, or maybe reset, something inside of me. I've stopped worrying about a lot of the stuff the rest of the world seems to focus on. The time I've spent on trail so far has marked the happiest period of my life, and I don't want to let go of that happiness. This is a place to document lifestyle decisions, ideas, and motivations. 

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Thanks for spending some time here. I hope you have a really good day.