Post Hike Equipment Reviews: The Poncho Tarp

The poncho tarp is an incredible piece of equipment. 

After completing the entire Appalachian Trail over two years of hiking I've found the equipment that works best for me. I think a poncho tarp setup should be where more people start their camping and backpacking journey, and I think more experienced adventurers can benefit from the lighter pack weight and greater protection it allows.

Simply put:
  • It can function as your rain gear, keeping you safe and dry in the worst weather conditions. 
  • It can form the cornerstone of your ultralight shelter system. 
  • The price is right: a poncho tarp does two jobs for the price of one. (I got mine cheap online!) 
  • Dependable, durable (silicone-coated fabric), and simple. 
    • No delicate/intricate parts means less hassle and lower chance of failure.
If you want to learn everything you'll need to know about the poncho tarp, check out the latest video on the Songbird Ultralight youtube channel. 

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Here's the youtube video:

Hope you have a great day.