Turning Point? - The Youtube Hiking Channel is doing well

Hey people.

This is just a quick update on the Songbird Ultralight youtube channel I started to talk about hiking equipment and document the last 600 miles or so of the AT. The entire hike has always been documented on Instagram, but the picture and 60 second video format became a little to limiting for what I wanted to capture about the trail.

The reason I'm posting about this on the Blog is that the channel has become a huge source of creative activity for me. In addition, the youtube channel drives traffic to my book and the videos uploaded from the trail have really boosted book sales. *The success of my creative projects, both as a hobby and as a small source of future passive income are important and rewarding to me. 

As my content has improved and more people have found the channel, we've steadily gained more followers in our channel community. As of right now we are at 63 followers. Having started from 7 before I left for my hike, the growth has been awesome to watch. 

I've made some friends through youtube, gotten some really darn good advice from subscribers and other you-tubers on creating better content, and generally just had fun doing it all.

Youtube Channel Progression

  1. Well, I started by showing all the gear I would bring with me before I set out to hike for 2 1/2 months. 
  2. While on trail I then uploaded everything I could from my little smartphone. 
  3. Since getting back, I've started reviewing everything I carried with me and talked about how my equipment changed along the way.
Along the way, my videos have gotten so much better. If you watch my first videos (actually don't lol) and compare them to my latest stuff the difference is just crazy to me.

Now, and this is important for me in both ways mentioned above*, companies have started to ask me to review their products. So far, in exchange for a free sample of the product, I've done one official review on my youtube channel:

Just yesterday I accepted an offer to receive a free hammock with a built in bug net and full suspension for using it between two trees in return for a review. Even neater, the've said that they will give me a 50% off coupon to share with my viewers. 

Now that's just cool. It's an actual piece of hiking/camping equipment. The mints are neat and all, heck I really like them actually, but the hammock review is exactly what I want to be doing on the Songbird Ultralight channel. 

I wanted to share that news and, in keeping with the purpose of this Blog, document this turning point in my transition to a happy little lifestyle.

Thanks for reading and sharing in the little successes and everything along the way.
Have a great day.

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