The Beginning of the Little Life Happy Vlog - Episodes posted here!

Hey guys!

(Please note that some footage was lost at the end of the first episode of the LLHB. It's sad, but a good learning experience to back up any footage I want to keep a hold of! If you don't mind the video cutting off, then cool! Episode 1 is still useful in that it documents the beginning of and purpose of this vlog, so I'm leaving it up. Otherwise check out Episode 3 of the Vlog, which I think is the greatest thing I've ever made. :)

I have been having a lot of fun recording video, editing it, and posting it on youtube for my hiking channel, "Songbird Ultralight". I've been getting a little better with creating and content, and want to keep learning, so I'm expanding the Blog's content to include Vlog videos that will be posted on youtube and available here as well.

I've gotten my hands on some new equipment and think the quality of the videos will only be improving as we go forward!

Here's the first episode of the LLHB Vlog, I hope you enjoy it. At the beginning I give a little bit of an overview of what's been going on for us in Chattanooga since I got back from finishing the Appalachian Trail.

In the next episode, which we've already shot but have to edit and post, we will be checking out a car show and entering in Hadlea's dad's car. It will be cool to take a good look at some beautiful cars on a nice, sunny day.


Curt and Hadlea