Got a gear list you want to show off?

If you have an equipment list or a favorite piece of kit you want to show off, drop a link in a comment below. What is the cornerstone of your backpacking kit?

If you want a pack shake-down, I’m your man. Throw me your lighterpack  or  gear grams link and lets get started!

If you don’t have a gearlist put together online yet, now is a great time to entertain yourself by doing so. Check out my favorite site

Lighterpack lets you plug in the weight of anything you want, allowing you to organize  and review your equipment to your heart’s content. You even get a built-in pie chart that helps you visualie where  the weight in your pack is coming from.

Once you have your own account, it’s easy to set up and share your equipment lists with friends.

[Check out my list for this summer]( if you want to see what it’s like.