Book Update - Equipment Guide 2nd Edition and First EVER Book in Print!

The 2nd Edition of my eBook is now live! I am very excited. I've kept the price the same for the eBook, made a number of stylistic changes, and included additional content. I still only have one review, and I'm crossing my fingers that the eBook will get some more review love here in the future.

With the release of the 2nd Edition of my guide, and pending review, I'm excited to say that the book will now be available in paperback through Amazon! This is the first book I've ever gotten published, so the excitement is real. I cant wait to get an author's copy or two and get to actually hold the finished book in my hands. 
The original design for the 2nd Ed. paperback cover.

I DUG through my photo files looking for a higher resolution picture for the cover. In my excitement, I forgot to take a new screenshot for the cover. The old one will have to do for this post. I did change the text color from red on the front cover to a dark gold that matches the gold lines on the jacket. 

The book size changed a little bit. I was going to print it in a 6x9 format, but saw that there were a lot of formatting issues I would run into. I have been using Pages instead of Word as my word processor (fail, apparently). The difficulties with the word processor encouraged me to use an 8x10 print, which will increase the cost to print but will look better. After some thought I figured that a normal novel-shaped print would look kind of weird for this kind of book, so I'm pretty happy that I had to go with the larger print.

I really like the cover photo. I sorted through a number of higher quality photographs from Maine, where I carried my big camera for a month or two, but none of the pictures really showed me with my backpacking kit. I think the picture at McAffee Knob, VA is excellent because it shows one of my favorite ultralight setups. This was my six pound hammock kit from the summer of 2016. I was pretty proud of a six pound kit at the time, and I had no idea I'd get down to below five pounds within the next year.  Visually, the kits look about the same in the pictures when I use this pack, so the picture holds up really well.