Testing my "super ultralight" sleeping gear at 31 degrees Fahrenheit.

This summer on the AT I am finishing up the last 600 something miles of the AT that I have left. I thought it was more like 500, but after adding it up more carefully I see that it's a little over 600 miles.

After that I'll have hike the entire trail!

This season I'm looking forward to hiking with my lowest base-weight ever, but all the weight dropping has left me worried about being warm if the weather turns unexpectedly cold.

One last cold snap down south has given me the opportunity to test my equipment in temperatures much colder than what I expect to run into out on trail around my start date.

So how'd the sleeping system work out? Check out the video and see how a sleep system built around a 50 degree wearable poncho quilt fared for a few hours in the cold.