Sleeping Insulation - What's worked for me on the trail so far, and what I'm switching to in order to go lighter this summer.

Sleep Systems

You have a lot of options when it comes to what equipment you choose to take on a hike. A sleeping bag or quilt is among the most important pieces of kit that you can bring with you, but also makes up part of the "Big 3" (the three things in your hiking kit that will usually add the most weight to what you have to carry).

Here I'll show you what I've used on trail so far, and talk about my wearable poncho quilt that I'm switching to for warmer summer hiking this season.

It's important to note that a sleeping bag or quilt often isn't very comfortable, or enough all by itself to keep you warm where you are camping in the woods. A good foam or inflatable sleeping pad will do a great deal to keep you comfortable when sleeping on the ground.

In this video I'll talk with you some of the options that have worked well for me on the trail so far and what I'm switching to this summer.

I hope you like the videos. If you are looking at purchasing a sleeping bag or quilt, think about checking out some of my tips for saving money on sleeping insulation.

If so, check out my 2018 Super Ultralight Hiking Gear playlist, where I'm going through everything I'm carrying with me this summer with more detailed discussions.