A Super Ultralight Gear List you can watch!

AT 2018 SUL Pack Playlist - Recommended Link

As I get closer to my start date (Edit May 16th!) I'm beginning to ramp up my trail-prep. I've been going over and over my gear list to ensure that I've got everything I'll need.
In these videos I go through everything I'm taking with me this summer and piling it up next to me so that you can see what I'm bringing along.

What do you think? Would you like a video showing how it all fits in my pack?

I'm really proud of this gear list, as for me it is a physical representation of how far I've come since I've started.

The video on the right is the first gear-list video I've made and it came out fairly awful, though it does show all my gear and the volume. I recommend watching the playlist linked above instead where I talk about the items I'm bringing in greater detail.

I plan to remake this gear-list video somewhere on trail when I get back in the woods. I think that would be neat.

Check out my posts about testing this gear to make sure I'll be warm enough for the low temperatures I might encounter!

Worn insulation test. I tested my wearable sleeping quilt by itself at 40 degrees with some wind chill.

Sleeping insulation test. I tested my sleeping setup in 31 degree Fahrenheit weather to see how it would hold up through unexpectedly cold nights.


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