Update - More work on the hiking and equipment guide. Trip to Atlanta.

I've been making some big changes to my hiking and equipment guide.

Here's a potential first cover
for the paperback version.
 I have been writing a second, more skills-focused guide that did not focus on equipment choices for about a month now. A few days ago I decided that this new content would be much more valuable when combined with the content in my already published book.

So I'm in the process of combining the two writings to create the second edition of An Ultralight Guide to Hiking and Backpacking Equipment. I think that this updated, more comprehensive approach to the subject will be more in keeping with the original ideas for the book that I had on trail. 

I am really happy with how the changes are coming together, and I am getting closer to completing the second edition. 

I think that the book will be republished within the next week depending on how much trouble I run into with the formatting and uploading of the manuscripts.

The existing Ebook version will be updated, and my understanding is that everyone that has already purchased the Ebook on Amazon will get the updated content for free. 

On a slightly longer timeline, I am very excited to announce that I'm working on getting the book available for paper-back purchase. I think that there are a lot of people who would prefer the hard copy. The paper-back will have an updated cover and will only be available starting with the second edition. 


Between the Buried and Me - at the Masquerade in Atlanta.

Atlanta Trip

I'm getting back on track now with getting words to paper while sitting on a sofa at my parent's house. I came down on Monday to meet my best friends from high school for a metal concert downtown. I've stayed down here through today in order to be in town for my little sister's birthday, so it worked out pretty nicely as a trip home.

It ended up being a very fun night that included a trip to a great karaoke bar that had a full band to back up singers. 

Unfortunately, the friend who's place we were supposed to stay the night in after the concert drunkenly decided that we weren't allowed to crash there right after we helped him fit his keys in the lock to get his door open to his apartment. 

Pretty much out of nowhere, we suddenly had no place to stay after a night of drinking beers downtown. My other friend and I had to go back out, taking it easy and eating at a 24 hour diner until it was safe for us to drive back to his place. Thankfully I don't drink to get drunk in public, but we ended up not being able to get back to his place until around 4:30 in the morning. 

I'm a little hurt about the whole thing. I drove down from Chattanooga to spend time with this friend at his invitation and he pulled his offer to crash at his place for seemingly no reason at the worst time possible. We were supposed to hang out the next day and everything. I guess we'll see what happens with that here in the next few days. I haven't called him yet to see what's up, since I've been hoping he'd call me.


So today I'll be heading home to Chattanooga. I have to get my car emissions-tested since it is still registered inside the Metro-Atlanta area (I really should change this) before heading back. I'll probably get some more work done on the updates to the hiking guide until the emissions place opens and just leave straight from there to head to Chattanooga.

We have been replacing the floors at our house with click-lock style wood floors. Tomorrow will be a second long day of installing the new flooring. We should finish up the kitchen and dining room this weekend, leaving the bedrooms until a later date. (Look what the cat did to that poor couch!)

I hope you have a great day.