So it turns out Kombucha is pretty tasty

I'm not a health nut, and I'm not super worried about probiotics or digestion aids (I'm not even sure how to refer to the supposed health effects.) I tend to be very skeptical of all the good-for-you stuff that gets kicked around in fads.

My Aunt gave my fiancee and I a kombucha Scooby somewhere around the Thanksgiving holiday when I was visiting my parents, and my fiancee was very excited about it. The Scooby, or Mother, is the starter that gets your kombucha batches going. It continually grows in size as you brew, and it seems like a common thing to share your excess Scoobys with others.

My fiancee has been buying $4 bottles of kombucha from an organic-type supermarket near work with some frequency. So, I looked up directions and learned how to make kombucha.

It turns out that it isn't really all that hard. It just takes a few days of waiting and a dark cabinet or closet. I made a fancy strawberry basil kombucha for the first batch. I went all out with pureed fresh strawberries and fresh basil.

Dang was it tasty. The fiancee likes my brews so much that I'm going to keep working up a gallon or two of the stuff here and there.

I'm liking the flavor of this last bottle a lot. I squeezed a half of a fresh grapefruit left over from our Savannah trip into the bottle, added cane sugar, and grated a generous amount of ginger in as well. The already brewed kombucha made up the rest of the bottle's contents. I let the bottle sit in the closet for three days.

Weird? Yes. Tasty? Absolutely. Healthy?

I'm sure you can make kombucha to be more healthy than I do but, in the way that I've learned to make it, there is a lot of sugar used in the brewing and flavoring process. Granted, you aren't going to be drinking tons of Kombucha at a time. It will probably be best to just think of it like a tasty treat.

Moderation in all things, eh? I'd say it's definitely worth making your own if you already like to drink kombucha. Compared to the store-bought variety my fiancee used to get, my stuff seems to be much more viscous and tasty.

Do you make your own Kombucha already? Let me know if you have any recipes or favorite brewing methods you'd like to share! You can leave links in the comments if you want to share your brews.

Have a really good day.


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