Writing Project Updates - I'm writing Esmerillon again.

It's such a relief to see my word count climbing again.

So starting around Thanksgiving my writing of Esmerillon - The First Wizard ground to a halt. On the way down to spend Thanksgiving with my family, I recorded almost two hours of myself working my way through what would happen next in Esmerillon. I thought, "Great. Now I'll just type this up when I can, and I'll have gotten much more done than if I just sat and stared at my computer screen trying to work it out."

I did get through more content more quickly, but having already "written it" in the recording something happened in my mind and I just never felt the urge to type it out. Clearly this is not a work flow that will works for me!

I've been working my way through transcribing and making the edits noted in the 2 hour recording. It's just awful. I have to keep pausing the recording to keep up with it. I am writing in much more detail, adding brand new ideas and background information, than just transcribing the recording itself. It's going to take a while, and I'm already having problems with losing my place in the recording and having to "scroll" the progress bar to where I last left off.

NEVER AGAIN. I'll have to find something else to do with my time in the car. 

In other news

I just got my first payments from my online publishing service. This payment was for the month of October, and my first book was published towards the end of that month, so it wasn't a very large payment. But hey, something I wrote made me money! I can see that my payments for the next months, especially this month, will be greater. No books that have been purchased have been returned on the online marketplace, and it is being read with some frequency through the marketplace's subscription service, so I'm going to proclaim a warm reception for the ultralight hiking gear guide. I even have a five-star review! (Just one, but it's a start).
What makes me happiest is that, when I see the reports of the number of pages read, it is clear to me that everyone that reads the book finishes the entire book. How cool is that? People are reading it, and it's good enough to read the whole thing! I'm pretty proud. I am thinking about writing another guide: something about the practice of an alternative mentality and disposition for ultralight, long distance hikers. The focus would be more philosophical and inspirational. This would be more inline with the original idea for a book that I had on trail.
Why not write more about what I've learned spending months walking through entire states? I don't know if anyone would really be interested in reading about how I, personally, deal with the mental aspects of long-distance hiking. I may write it for myself and just put it up for .99c with a heavy disclaimer that it's just my personal outlook. I don't know.

My second book (that which shall not be named), the small experiment in romance writing, has gotten zero traction. Nobody is reading it. I reworked the description for the book on the online market place, and resubmitted the book for approval. I hope that the new description will grab somebody. I don't want that book to be the beginning of a graveyard of my books that have never been read or purchased in any way.

This blog is getting more views. With over 500 views since its creation, at least I can get the satisfaction of knowing that I'm not actually talking to myself. Hopefully someone gets something out of it. Still no comments, so maybe not. I've been enjoying writing whatever suits my fancy here. I'm trying to keep everything within the lens of my lifestyle change and choices. I'm not sure how that's working out, but it's kind of why I started the whole thing so who cares?

On the financial side of things:
My investments are rebounding, thank goodness. That has been a great source of relief for me as well. I would say this has been a very good week so far.

See you later, I'm going to go cook a late dinner. I'm trying out Cauliflower Rice. I'm skeptical, but we'll see.