Interested in minimalist living? Connect with people that think like you do!

Of course you can post a comment here if you want to voice your thoughts about something I've written, but what if you want to post some new thoughts of your own?

Here's your place to do it! It's a new community, and it's waiting for you to help shape it into something really special. We are going to make a place for ourselves to meet and discuss ideas.

A lot of people already use much bigger, user-posted-content sites like this as their gateway to the internet. I just started a community for you to meet and speak with people who are interested in embracing a practice of minimalism in key aspects of their lives.

It's a brand new place for people to share their ideas and their feelings. There are other people that feel like you do, and want to change their lives. Especially where choosing happiness means making changes, happiness can be hard. You are worth the effort!

Little life happy is very similar, but people's engagement is through commenting. I want to be able to give you somewhere to express your thoughts and ideas.

If you want to submit something to the main Little Life Happy Blog let me know! Get in touch with me through the blog or the new community. It would be so great to be able to contribute articles from other perspectives from guest bloggers to the community.

Big, stand-alone articles would be the best candidates for blog posts. If you have a project idea you have worked on or a detailed strategy for dealing with problems like stress, how to manage relationships and expectations, or anything else born out of a transition to a simple-life let's make it happen!

Get started by saying "Hi" in the community threads.  Let's talk about it after we have met!


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