Christmas craziness

It's Saturday, the most important family get-together of the year is happening tomorrow. By noon everyone will be in full-blown panic mode: "Why is nothing ready!" "Where's my red Christmas dress?" "Are you going to wear that tie!?"

Mom puts on a huge Swedish-stlye dinner spread, guests arrive for dinner an hour or two before it's actually ready. Everyone's hanging around with beers, catching up with people, and hanging out my dad's entertaining single friends that always get invited over for Christmas eve and sometimes later on Christmas day. (I've always liked this, I imagine having nowhere to go for Christmas and being alone wouldn't be fun.)

So the crazy thing is, I'm going to have to get out of here in a few minutes. Everyone's winding down for the night, and I have to make my way back up to Chattanooga.  My fiancee is getting off shift in the morning, and I know she's going to be exhausted. I won't let her drive down here so exhausted. She's probably not going to get enough rest down here before we leave early on Christmas morning either, so even if she does make it down here she's going to be dead on her feet the next day.

Christmas morning we are making our way up to Nashville from Atlanta to spend the day with her mother's side of the family. Usually we only have to get back up to Chattanooga, since we spend Christmas day with her dad.

It won't be so bad. Since everyone's in their houses opening presents and playing with their new gizmos, the traffic is basically non-existent on Christmas day. Really, I'm just adding another two hours of sitting comfortably in my bucket seat.

The difficult thing will just be to get moving early enough that we aren't late to everything. I'm going to have to grab a few extra button downs and dump my dirty stuff at the house. I hope traffic doesn't get to crazy tonight and tomorrow morning. I know it will be. Maybe I'll just hope instead that I'm around sane drivers tomorrow. We are going to take our time and take it easy, there's no reason to get all stressed out.


Merry Christmas. I hope you get to spend some time with your people. Yeah they'll bug you about stuff and get under your skin like they do to me, but try to let it go and enjoy it. Life happens, and things may not always be this way. I think we'll be glad that we made the effort to spend the time with family.