Book 3 Update & Travel

Esmerillon - The First Wizard
Work on my third book is starting to pick up as I go. I think the first fifty pages of any book will be slow to write for the same reason that the first fifty pages of most books are slow to read.

World-building is taking up most of my writing time. It seems like for every word I type in Esmerillon's document I'm typing 30 words worth of ideas in a note to keep track of the world I'm putting together in my head as I go. If you've got a guy walking down a busy city street in a completely different world than our own, there's a lot to talk about! What are the people wearing? How do they talk? What's the town called? What is the paved road made out of?

There is a lot to teach the reader about the world the story is taking place in. Figuring this all out for myself is hard enough. Then I have to write it into the story in a way that isn't overwhelming for the reader. Too much detail is off putting. My future mother in law said se couldn't get through the first chapters of Harry Potter because it was just too detail dense! Keeping this in mind, the writing is slower as I try to weave a digestible amount of world detail into the first chapters.

Another trip to my parents'
It wasn't too long ago that I was at my parents' house for Thanksgiving, but I've come back again. My youngest niece is being baptized today. As I am to be a godfather a second time attendance is mandatory. I thought about it, honestly, and I feel a little guilty for that but I know can't really play hooky for something like this and live with myself haha. 

I cruised down the highway through a thick fog almost all the way down. With the cruise control set to 65, I hung out in the right lane. I put my earbud in and used the voice recording application on my phone to talk my way through the next part of Esmerillon. Two hours of driving and I probably only got through half a chapter.

Things are going well here, but there is so much going on all the time. My oldest niece is constantly bringing me things to look at and getting me to play with her. I'm getting along much better with my family and that continues to make me more comfortable each time I come home.

I've tried to knock my self off the nighttime schedule I keep with my fiancee in order to be awake today for the baptism, but I'm starting to feel super tired anyway. I'm going to have to knock back some coffee.

The kids are crying and I'm having trouble focusing enough to type. I'm going to go hunt down a cup of joe.