Progress in some places, more trouble in others.


I've been writing fairly consistently the last few days. I'm looking at almost 50 pages right now in what I've started to think of as my drama story. I'm on the 12th chapter right now, though some of the chapters are only a page or so long. I've been writing chapters like scenes, and I'm not really sure its the right thing to do but it has been working. I'm having fun coming up with misleading chapter titles. I like the idea of setting up a reader's expectations with the chapter title and using that a little bit to hopefully catch them when they aren't ready for something.
I'm not going to do it with every chapter. It's just something that's happened here and there, and I think it will help keep a reader off balance. I guess I think it seems fair to me to keep the reader off balance if I felt that way when I wrote the chapter?

I am writing myself into some darker corners lately, and it's a little sad. I've been taking breaks here and there to reset a little bit. It's weird when someone starts talking to me while I'm in one of these spots, and I feel bad for being grumpy.


I wasn't home much the last two days, my fiancee had off of work and we spent time with her family. I ended up spending the night away from my laptop and managed to knock my sleep schedule off of what it has been. I finished reading another book though, since I wasn't near my computer.

I think thats 10 books in two months. Three of the books I've read on my new kindle. I think I mentioned in a previous post that I'd decided to try one. I've really liked it. It's much easier to read from than a backlit screen like my old iPad. I'm glad that I didn't get the more expensive version with the LED lights: I don't think the battery would hold up to all the reading I've been doing.


I haven't exactly been burning through my savings, but being home will always mean more spending than being out on trail. My cellphone bill and gas costs are what really bug me these days.
My stocks have taken a pretty serious hit lately: I managed to catch a falling knife with a company that I really like, and can't really see going out of business. It looks like I'll have to wait a long time, though, for it to come back. I don't want to realize the losses just to see the stock come back like I feel like it will. I'm thinking about reorganizing my portfolio though. I may start taking profits from my good picks and putting them into dividend stocks that are getting hammered right now.
I'm trying to remember that putting time in is what has made me money to date, but I've had a bad week all around and it's getting to me.