Kind of awkward.

An exercise in romance

I've been working on a few projects concurrently. As I get ideas, or resurrect old ones, I make new word processor documents and just start working on whatever grabs my attention.

One of my projects is a romance. Well it is probably actually just a drama, but for some reason I think I tend to group anything sexually explicit into the romance category in my head.

To the point, I'm kind of running away with the project right now. I'm surprised that something's come out of it, honestly.

The awkward part

The awkwardness comes from writing about the emotions, more than the sexual content itself. I feel this really strong feeling that what I'm writing about is weird. I'm having trouble with the idea that, if I can write about some of this stuff, maybe it's how I really feel. I feel a little raw right now.
I'm not sure that I want to dig up some of these things, but I know that's probably why this project is growing where the others haven't gotten much attention.

Like I'm drawn to it

When I work on something else, I start thinking about this project and it distracts me from what I'm doing. Right now I'm typing here and something is tugging at me to sit down and write more. 

I think, maybe I need to buckle down and confront this for the rest of the morning. Maybe I can work through some of the ideas and get a more complete idea of where all of these feelings are pointing. 

I feel like I'm playing with something like an ouija board. Maybe I shouldn't.