Coming up on Thanksgiving


So I've decided that I will be going back to finish the last 500 of the AT once it warms up this coming season. I will probably have to go northbound from around Harpers Ferry to avoid the much colder northeast as long as possible.


I'm working on book 3. This book is much more fun to write, but I'm worried it will take a very long time. In an true fantasy fashion, the idea is to tell the story of the first wizard. I have some ideas of my own about how magic would work, and I am excited to explore them. Currently some 6,000 words in or less with a substantial notebook detailing the world and background of the characters. Figuring out how much someone would pay for a loaf of bread took me about an hour, and led to the creation of the world's currency. So let it be known, all prices in this mystical land shall be measured against the worth of bread... that's right. 


Writing has been the primary objective lately, but I've found it hard to get much done with others at home. The tv's run pretty loud in this little house. They're off now, maybe the sleep timer on one of them finally turned the dang thing off. Pleasure reading has ground to a halt for similar reasons. I plan to make some time to read in the next few days, even if I have to sit out in the cold on the porch. I managed to get my fiancee out on a walk the other day, and we did maybe a 20 minute loop near a creek I like to fish. When it's been loud around the house I've thrown in my little earbuds and watched movies. I've been emptying out my watchlist over the past week. I need to spend some more time outside, I think. I've been cooping myself up indoors to avoid the weather change. My fiancee says I need friends. Bah humbug. 


My stocks took a serious hit this last week. And that's about all I have to say about that.