Book 2!

My drama is finished.

Well, the content is all on the page. I still need to do a full read-through and edit, but my fiancee has looked over the first few chapters and thinks it is good.

It ended up being about 50 pages. It took a surprising amount of time to write just that, and I'm starting to see that a larger project like my epic fantasy story could take a very long time indeed.

I started reading through for the edit tonight. I only made it a couple of pages. I think I need to take the rest of the day off and come back with fresh eyes tomorrow.


My fiancee and I are about to eat dinner. After we will go to a local coffee shop to spend some time out of the house. She has a big test coming up and she wants to go study and get a tasty drink to sip on. I'm going to leave my laptop at home and get some reading in. I've had a little too much screen time the last few days and my eyes are feeling blurry.

I'm going to start reading something I found through my multimedia subscription. I don't have it in front of me, but there's supposedly an origin-story style character introduction, a school for magic, and some serious evil going on. If it's any good I'll come back to edit the name of the book into this post.

I'm off to heat up the spaghetti and sauce I made in bulk yesterday. Hope you have a good day.