Blog critiques

I found a web page where people share their blog posts. When you share a post you are then supposed to look at and and offer criticism for two other blogs.

I really like the idea, and I've been having fun looking through some of the newer blogs.

In voicing my thoughts about these other blogs, I've seen that I need to do some work myself to make the content more digestible and encourage people to look around at my other content.

I'm going to do some work on this today before I have to leave the house. We are going to go spend time with family today, and I might just have to sneak away to fish one of my favorite areas since I'll have access to a kayak.

It will be nice to get out and do something. Things haven't gone so well the last few days between my fiancee and myself. I would say that we were in a fight, but it's not like we are fighting. I don't really get angry and yell at people. My heart's a little sore today though.

Things seem okay today somehow, but I'm worried our conversation about last night will be more painful still. If things get weird today, it's about time for me to put some time into catching another another nice bass anyway.

I hope you have a really good day,