First Sales!

The first people to read my content!

... are from Denmark?

Well that was unexpected. It is really exciting to see that someone is reading my stuff online. It looks like 80 cents in royalties will be coming to me so far. Haha I'm rich!

I am contemplating putting out a video on my only real social media outlet. I could tell the 140 people that have been following me, liking and commenting on my pictures and videos from the AT, that I have a guide out. I think out of 140 people, someone would read it and leave a review. I don't know how best to approach my social media outlets.

I'm looking forward to my first review on the marketplace. It is pretty cool seeing where the book shows on the results page when I search.

I'm still juggling a couple of different projects. I haven't gotten to a point where I feel committed to one project in particular yet. I think it will be a better strategy to write a greater number of shorter, simpler projects first. Having a greater number of completed projects published will, I think build up a good foundation for supporting future higher page count projects.

I need to do some thinking and research, but I think my gut feelings will prove to be correct.