Almost done!

I am getting so close to being finished with the editing of my hiking equipment guide. I am formatting it for kindle/amazon, and there's a big problem with formatting bringing the files from Google Documents to Pages. I've had to go all the way through and fix it.

Lesson learned, I'll be writing in Pages using the ebook template it offers from now on. I'm going to go ahead and move my other writing projects over before I get too far into them and run into the same problems again.

I will be glad to have one title submitted and begin getting further along on my second. I'm not sure what I will work on most next. I have a couple of projects, and I know I won't get anything finished if I work on all of them at once.

We shall see, this is a problem for tomorrow.

Today was good. I woke up before my fiancee and got a lot of editing done. I'm feeling pretty good. I made a spaghetti dinner, baked cookies, and she and I made jerky together.

Pretty close to being back to normal I think.

I hope you got to eat something tasty today. Maybe try to cook something for yourself soon. Cookies aren't hard. I just made my first batch ever and I only burned them a little bit.